brujas de plata colgantes amuletos

witch silver pendant

Witch silver pendant

Witch silver pendant necklace is Silver pendant witch flying on her broom. The symbol of the witches used to raise awareness of the magical energy

dimensiones: 4,3cms x 2.8 cms

bruja de plata hechicera colgante amuleto
colgante de la bruja de plata hechicera, un amuleto de plata de ley
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ORIGIN AND MEANING OF THE SYMBOL OF THE WITCH ( for the witch silver pendant sorceress)


The witch is also the witch who knows medicine plants, the magic of colors, the power of stones and minerals … ultimately witch sorceress knows all natural magic, and knows how to use its tools, whether herbs , colors or things to do spells and incantations to enforce missions.

It is important that these spells were for good, because otherwise everything ends was rescinded in the issuer. We must meet the canons and principles of universal magic, always proposing good.

Do not be afraid of the witch sorceress is important to assume once that witches are not evil as we have shown, are only women with extrasensory psychic powers that generally help others become better. Witches are beings with a marked spirituality, which have been battered by history. They have been persecuted and mistreated by the inquisition and now … they are free, again reborn as a helper to others.

According to the Celts, each woman hides a witch, because women, by itself, has more spiritual awareness that man




Silver witch pendant is a good tool to channel and give strength to the mental or physical spells that we carry. This amulet witch silver is inspirational and reaffirmation of the sorceress in us.


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