Anj llave de la vida cruz ansada de plata

ankh egiptyan cross pendant

ankh egiptyan cross pendant

Egyptian silver cross, or ankh ankh also called.


Dimensions silver ankh: 3.5 cms x 2.8 cms


Anj llave de la vida cruz ansada de plata
colgante de la cruz ansada, llave de la vida o Anj. Plata de ley
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This silver ankh ankh is available in silver oxidized silver combined with bright silver on one side, and on the other side is completely smooth. This Egyptian ankh cross of silver is reversible and can be carried by the chosen face.



The Ankh is a talisman, or an active energy amulet or talisman. It is said to be the most powerful talisman is known, according to some is above the ring Atlante.

The Ankh was attributed powers to control the flow of groundwater in the Nile River. (Like the key to a water tap).

Current Egyptian magic practitioners, and also kemetistas, continue to use this cross as a powerful energizer and enhancer rites. Also as a key that opens the cosmic energy. The ankh would be equivalent to cho ku rei reiki

Healers use the ankh as an element of dowsing to relieve and cure ailments and diseases.

For many radiesthesists sandadores the Egyptian cross soothes and heals diseases. The ankh is a radionics device that emits certain subtle, detectable radiation with the methods of physical dowsing. The ankh emit such radiation on the central axis orthogonal to the plane of the ring, foreign sense on the side of the positive polarity, thus creating a beneficial radiation; the same applies to the stem end of the cross along its longitudinal axis. In the other polarities of the cross, opposite effects occur.

Before each healing work with the ankh, has to make a brief spiritual ritual with a healing spell to activate and enhance your energy and to mitigate or alleviate pain in the patient.

colgante Anj en la puerta de la vida, símbolo de la cruz egipcia ansada. Plata de ley


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