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witch moon pendant silver necklace

Witch moon pendant silver necklace

This pendant with the  moon and the witch is an amulet that associates the figure of the witch with the moon.

The pendant moon with the witch  have the power of the symbolic witch that every woman has inside along with the magnetism of the moon, which enhances the feminine power

dimensions:  2.8 cms x 3.2 cms

colgante bruja luna amuleto de plata
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The moon and femininity are closely linked, so that the woman has a menstrual cycle also 28 days following naturally flows in the cycle of the moon. The moon is water, is imagination, magic, and the witch is the female version of the wizard, so along with the magic of the moon form a very positive magical tandem



bruja de plata hechicera colgante amuleto
another model of witch pendant, also avalable in our website

The moon is inspiration and nothing better for the sorceress who has transcended his helped by the wisdom of the moon knowledge. Night witches helped to hide, and make their magic rituals. The night was much safer to perform spells and not be discovered by the inquisitors that lurked and threatened their existence.

Almost all witches are said to operating at night, and then the birth of the moon, the more the better moon if possible, when they went to make their covens in the woods or simply to move freely in their magical flying brooms




Silver witch pendant is a good tool to channel and give strength to the mental or physical spells that we carry. This amulet witch silver is inspirational and reaffirmation of the sorceress in us.


WITCH MAGICAL PROPERTIES  (for a witch moon pendant)


Lunar amulet pendant witch who gives clairvoyance, imagination, intuition and dreams with interesting messages. This charm is a pendant that by associating with the moon witch is Ideal to familiarize slowly inside every woman feminine power within.

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