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eagle shaman silver pendant charm

Eagle shaman Silver pendant

Eagle shaman is a replica of a silver pendant that was discovered in Costa Rica. Year 400-500. Pre-Columbian period. Replica of the original, which has been at the Museum of San Jose, Costa Rica

eagle silver pendant
eagle shaman silver pendant charm
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Pre-Columbian shamanic pendant, representing an eagle. Sterling silver


Shamanic eagle pendant amulet was discovered in Costa Rica. Year 400-500. Pre-Columbian period. This pendant is the totem shamanic eagle, made in gold or sterling silver, is a copy of the original which is in the History Museum of San Jose, Costa Rica.

Dimensions of this pendant shamanic 2.3 cm x 2 cm available in silver and gold sterling (gold on request)


In indigenous cultures of Central America, the figure of the shaman takes the form of animals to contact higher spirits. The shaman acquires attributes of the animal, and by making entry into trances in that animal, contact superior knowledge of other planes. According to the shamanistic culture, which is part of all civilizations, each person have an inner animal that protects us, guides us, helps us, loves us, teaches us.

Shamans are capable with his powers of even transform into them, and visit physically inaccessible places. As eagles fly, they come with its incredible view, and feel free and connected with the immensity of life.

Found hanging on many other shamanic figures animals, frogs, tigers, bears, etc. where shamanic pendant is a protective totem of the community, or shaman tools to perform their rites.

The eagle is one of the most powerful totems, as it is an independent, fast, fearless wise bird, without enemies. the totem Eagle is very common in North America and Central America

This eagle represented the shaman in his possession, and was used as a ritual figure. Shamanic pendants are symbols that have left us of the ancient culture of America


The eagle as a charm and personal totem, brings vitality, passion, courage, nobility. Amulet useful to men especially, which gives them power, energy and virility

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