barco vikingo drakkar colgante amuleto

drekar viking ship silver pendant

Drekar viking ship silver pendant

Pendant Drekar available in silver or gold The ship pendant depicting a Viking ship, called drekar

Pendant dimensions Viking ship Drekar 2.2 cms x 1.8 cms

PROVENANCE the DREKAR (for pendant Drekar Viking ship)

The drekar ships come from northern European countries.

barco vikingo drakkar colgante amuleto
barco vikingo drakkar amuleto de plata
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The drekar  ships were revolutionary for its time, built pawl (overlapped with another bulletin board) allowing shallow draft, useful for both ocean crossings to looting raids in rivers. The drekar often had a threatening dragon on its bow that sometimes lit with fire in the mists lacurstres to intimidate populations ransacked.

HISTORY DREKAR (for pendant Drekar Viking ship)

With the drekkar the Vikings sailed long distances, it is said that eventually arriving with his longship even to America. It is known that Erik the Red who came to America many years before Columbus. The Vikings did not know the compass, but mysteriously oriented either through the stars. The normal behavior of Viking sailors was making inroads in Europe, where looting villages, abducting women were slaves … terrorizing, and then returned full of treasures to their villages to celebrate the spoils with his.

The Viking drekar boat itself was a charm all its ritualized by druids, from the way he had to take his bow (which represented menacing beasts) to the ritual of its launch. The drekar  were magical boats from the beginning, and they made with that intention.

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