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Buddha of wealth Silver Pendant amulet

Buddha of wealth Silver Pendant amulet

Buddha amulet wealth represents this smiling Buddha that makes us see that the lighting is not at odds with the abundance.


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Buddha pendant wealth, which represents a round, happy Buddha. It is the Buddha pendant wealth.

Buddha pendant Available in silver wealth. and gold on request (since in esotericism always gold attracts wealth rather than silver, therefore it is recommended for maximum effect have a Buddha in gold, while silver also enhance or will balance our spiritual side with the riches that we attract)

This pendant is a wealth Buddha amulet fortune, that will bring wealth to life and teach us to enjoy it without remorse, but responsibly.

Wealth Buddha Pendant dimensions: 2 cm x 1 cm
BUDDHISM AND ITS RELATIONSHIP WITH WEALTH AND ABUNDANCE (applicable rules for Buddha pendant charms and wealth)

Buddhism, unlike other religions, never condemned wealth. The first teaching of the Buddha was referring combat suffering through mastering emotions.

Buddhism shows us different ways exist to help us cut the roots of pain and fear, so that we can really live. The first monks who followed the Buddha were people who were homeless. They dressed in rags and lived on leftovers and alms. The monks were not allowed to touch money. We have here a radical Buddhist solution to the pain and fear that result from spending and making money: just do not do. But that is not the real solution. The solution is that the money has to have and enjoy without being a slave to it.

The true philosophy of happiness lies in enjoying what you have, and if you have money, learn to enjoy it, share it, enjoy it. If money is needed, the universe, through the Buddha, I will. The mistake is to stick with it as a solution to all problems, or forget the spiritual growth and focus on material wealth.

There are many followers of Buddhism who are rich. Buddha was and is among his disciples kings, bankers. Buddha never condemned wealth. Buddha condemned the greed of not sharing the wealth and lack of spiritual stimuli.


If you need money for your life, this could traértelo Buddha. If after having wealth you live to preserve it and not to grow spiritually and share it, you probably like you came fortune, you are going. Roza this gem from time to time and visualize what you need. Make it with an open heart to universal abundance, and it will be given, or will give you the means to obtain it.

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