Bastet diosa primigenia colgante de plata de ley

Bastet goddess silver pendant

Bastet goddess silver pendant

The Bastet goddess pendant embossed. Little gem of the cat goddess carved synthesized so very beautiful, like primeval goddess, as found in Egyptian tombs various ymonumentos.
Jewel in solid sterling silver, solid gold or

Dimensions cat Bastet  goddess pendant 1.6 cms x 0.8 cms

Bastet diosa primigenia colgante de plata de ley
colgante de Bastet, diosa gata primigenia, pequeña figurita de plata
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Origin and meaning of BASTET GODDESS PENDANT


In ancient Egypt, cats were sacred and were embalmed in great ceremonies, because they were considered as the incarnation of the goddess Bastet, and whoever killed a cat was sentenced to severe penalties.

Bastet Egyptian goddess is the goddess of sensual pleasure, the protector of the home, also carries health.

Also called Basthet, or the goddess Bast is known today as the «cat goddess«. Legend has it that on the day, Bastet rides a ship sailing through the skies, and does so with his father, the sun god Ra, his boat pulls sun across the sky.

Ever vigilant, Bastet and Ra protect you from enemies. Thus it became known as the Lady of the Orient, the Goddess of the Rising Sun.

Bastet diosa gata de Egipto sobre piedra rosetta
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The cat symbol was also used by Egyptian doctors to enhance their ability to heal. It was said that favored the speedy recovery of the patient, and gave him strength




Bastet protects pregnant births and illnesses and evil spirits. It was always goddess of joy, happiness and good life and home life

It is the guardian goddess of the hearth and loving represents fertility and the beneficial powers of the sun.

Bastet protects cats always. Many people who have cats, a sympathizer of this goddess, naturally., As it is considered to Bastet reincarnated in all cats in the world.

The cat goddess protects children. The cat goddess is a mother goddess. A ritual is to put an amulet protecting Bastet photos of children. The amulet pendant goddess Bastet always protect you.

Batet, ladiosa gata, amuleto egipcio de plata
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